3D Game Animation

The 3D animator gives life to the characters and moves the objects and the different elements that can be found in a video game. For example, he can create a character’s walk or animate the propellers of a helicopter. To be successful as a 3D animator in the video game industry, the creator must have a broad understanding of movement, proportions of objects and characters, and a strong artistic and creative sense.

It is part of the video game creation sector. This video game development sector includes design, artistic creation, and programming. The competition is focused on Seconds.

For the artistic creation of 3D video games, part of the premises of the video game designers and are realized with a combination of conceptualization, creativity, and implementation of technical skills. Due to the digital nature of the final product, software and hardware are the main working tools. The device will be used by digital graphic designers and artists.

On the other hand, we must have mastery of specific 3D design and modeling programs, as well as other photo retouching tools or video game engines.

3D Animation oriented video game

At the end of this program, the student will be able to complete all the tasks related to the 3D animation profession. In addition, he will have a good knowledge of the various links in the production chain of a video game as well as the leading work functions of the related trades to his own.

He will be able to conceive and realize different animations of a game and its cinematics, in accordance with the indications provided by the game design, the script as well as by the artistic and technical directions of the game project. He will be able to go through the various stages of producing animations for a game, from the correct understanding of the initial indications to their integration in a game editor.

The student will also be able to breathe life into 3D characters in various productions such as cinema, television, advertising, special effects, the Internet, and others. Companies expect pro-active and resourceful candidates who are able to meet requirements effectively.

The 3D school allows students to acquire professional knowledge through the teaching of all the most advanced artistic techniques in the creation and 3D animation of synthetic images, whether for cinema, special effects, television, the web or the production of characters and decorations of the video game or 3D architecture. The evolution of digital image technologies has revolutionized the entertainment and entertainment industries: 3D Animation, video games, film, advertising, Web. 3D animations invade our visual every day. For several years now, the production of 3D animations has been progressing without limits.

Objectives of the program

  • Working effectively within a project of varying scope
  • Adapting to a changing technological environment
  • Organizing your work in a demanding production context
  • Developing skills for teamwork
  • Developing your personal culture
  • Developing skills in 3D animation
  • Perform tasks related to the job of a 3D animator
  • Develop necessary skills in related game level modeling and design trades